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SEO Analysis

The web is not static and search engines update their ranking algorithms regularly throughout the year. Thus, starting SEO modifications without a thorough SEO analysis is like shooting targets with blindfolds over your eyes - a waste of time.

Having a thorough SEO analysis will not only help you discover SEO problems on your site but also let you know which area of the SEO metrics you should focus the most attention. In fact, a SEO analysis should be performed on a regular basis to maintain your website's health, organic rankings, as well as keeping your SEO strategies up to date. We recommend performing an analysis at least every six months.

At SquareX, we conduct SEO analyses based on six important metrics:

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO should not be thought of as an expense but rather as an investment in your company's growth. Having a beautifully designed website does not guarantee you will get the right traffic and leads. Google and Bing dominate the majority of the search traffic and play an important role in directing traffic to your website. There are more than 200 ranking factors that can determine your website's ranking position.

By analyzing your website, we are able to understand how well your website is performing within these ranking factors. Then, with this knowledge we will correct mistakes and implement the missing ranking elements on your site to improve your organic ranking. There are four main aspects of search engine optimization we will be focusing on: keyword research and targeting, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and analytics.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media engagement is essential in today's business marketing plans. Clients expect companies to have Facebook, Google+, or twitter accounts to communicate and deliver information. Using social media as your marketing platform will not only increase your brand's awareness but also provide you with a great advertising channel to influence and engage your potential clients. This is because clients view social media as a social networking platform instead of a marketing platform, thus they are more likely to hear what you want to say to them!

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Internet Strategic Marketing

There are many ways to promote your business online and it can get confusing when choosing the right online marketing strategy. Is SEO enough for your business marketing needs? How about Pay Per Click? What about email newsletter marketing, or maybe all of the above? How well do you know your target audience and do you know what your marketing goals are?

We help you answer these questions and we will create an online marketing plan for you and your business that gets you top results!

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